Polar Bear Publishing is a Faux Publisher, it is intended to demo Pubsoft eBook Publishing Platform.

Perfect solution for your publishing needs! So, what are you waiting for?

Polar Bear Publishing publishes the latest and greatest in action adventure fiction and the memoirs of explorers traversing the world. From the arctic seas to the arid deserts if you want to read or publish tales of excursions with dangerous fauna and modern marauding bandits Polar Bear Publishing is the company for you.
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Reader’s Account

A Reader’s Account lets unique visitors who get to your website register with your website. A Reader’s Account gives a visitor the ability to purchase ebooks and read purchased books on the HTML 5 ereader.

Author’s Dashboard

The Author’s Dashboard (PubHub) lets authors analyze sales data and reader interactions to make informed decisions on the next steps for their marketing efforts and selling their ebooks.

Editor’s Dashboard

The Editor’s Dashboard (PubAdmin) gives publishers complete control over the ebook publishing process. Take a Word .docx document or .epub and publish it to your eBook store, collect robust analytics, and manage royalty distribution.

Author Sites

Author Sites provide an aggregated page of online content for authors. Individualize the site template and showcase an author’s bio, ebooks, videos, and social streams all from one location.

Branded eBook Store

Create your own company branded ebook direct sales channel through your existing website. Gain transactional data to cultivate your readers and help your community grow.

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Polar Bear Publishing utilizes the latest publishing technology from Pubsoft.com

Welcome to Polar Bear!

Polar Bear publishing is a project of Pubsoft. This site is a demo site to show customers what is possible with Pubsoft Enterprise eBook Publishing Software. Small publishers and niche content creators can enjoy all of the benefits of having a high tech company in your court. Pubsoft provides all of the technology to manage a small publishing enterprise to stay competitive with the quickly changing publishing landscape.

The Pubsoft software can be integrated and branded to fit your existing site, or the entire Polar Bear Publishing site is an example of another level of service provided by the Pubsoft team. We can build you a custom site and execute the eBook store for you. This is an example of a homepage with dynamic images. Ideas for your site could include images of your most recent titles and promotions being featured in the top slider. Using the Pubsoft system you can have complete control over the publishing process, and you can get new information updated quickly to showcase your latest information, authors and eBooks to stay relevant and at the top of your game.


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